Hatha Yoga

If someone advised you to stick your finger in your rectum, you would probably be offended. Yet this is exactly what we will ask you to do in this topic. The following practice, moola shodhana, is concerned entirely with cleaning the anus and rectum with one's finger. It may seem a most unlikely yogic method, but in fact it could help to transform your life, especially if you suffer from constipation or haemorrhoids. It is a simple practice, yet it has numerous beneficial repercussions. Overcome your hesitancy and try it for yourself.

This practice comes more easily to eastern people who habitually clean their anus with water after passing stool. In fact, in countries such as India, there is almost a general tendency to regard the use of paper as unclean, which is exactly the opposite attitude to western people. Each method has its good points: the use of paper prevents direct hand contact with the stool. Water, on the other hand, undoubtedly cleans the anus more thoroughly. In either case, one has to wash one's hands afterwards. Therefore, we feel that water washing of the anus is best, for it ensures that the anal region is perfectly clean. However, this is true only if there is sufficient water available; if there is not, then paper is probably better. We are not really interested in changing your habits in this respect for there are far more important things.

The Power Of Yoga

The Power Of Yoga

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