How to eat

As we have already shown, the digestive system is one of the most dynamic of all operations taking place within the human body. The system digests virtually anything edible providing enough time is allowed to enable the individual organs to carry out their interrelated duties. The digestive tract has a unique capability of secreting the exact combination ofjuices required for a particular mixture of foods. However, it must be emphasized that it can only successfully complete this process providing it is not hampered by the presence of great quantities of food eaten too quickly. Therefore eat slowly. In this way the body receives more nutrition from the food and you will enjoy your meal to a greater extent.

Here are some more suggestions to bear in mind:

1. .Always take small mouthfuls.

2. Non-fried solid food should be chewed about thirty times; fried foods a little longer.

3. Try to keep general conversation to a minimum until the end of the meal.

4. Fry to eliminate all thoughts of difficulties or problems from your mind during the meal. Calmness is conducive to good digestion, whereas tension and anger result in indigestion. These suggestions may seem too demanding at the outset, and we agree. We don't intend this advice to become strict practice; however, we do feel that the benefits to be secured from these suggestions are sufficient to warrant not only a mention here, but also application at your dinner table.

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