Importance of neti in yogic physiology

The science ofyoga maintains that the flow of air in each nostril alternately changes. If you test this for yourself, you will find this to be true. At present one of your nostrils is admitting more air than the other. After some time the other nostril will admit the greater amount of air.

This alternate flow of breath through the two nostrils in turn has a profound influence on the energy cycle of man. It controls our thinking and physical activity, our introversion and extroversion. This cycle has a great bearing on our mental and physical health.

Now if one or both of the nostrils are permanently blocked, then this natural alternation of breath flow cannot occur. Our health can suffer. This is another reason whyjala neti is so important; it cleans both nostrils and allows the breath to alternate freely between the two.


1 See the index of practices at the end of the book.

2 See Topic 3 of this lesson.

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The Chakra Checklist

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    What is a neti and what are the importance?
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