Integration of ida and pingala

The main purpose ofthis topic is to emphasize the importance of integrating and balancing the ida and pingala. By combining both paths, one's potential is unfolded in a balanced manner. Inner potential and awareness are expanded with a corresponding change in the actions and relationships with the external environment. This combination leads to a progressive effacement of ego-centred motives and identification, which in turn leads to the rising of the kundalini through the chakras. One's power and knowledge are increased according to the expansion of awareness. The word kundalini does not mean mere power; it means power and potential combined with awareness, understanding and a sense of identification with other people. This understanding is necessary so that one acts for the good of others as well as oneself - for the overall good of everything. The kundalini rises up sushumna, the middle path, the balance between ida and pingala. It rises in accordance with the level of ego effacement. This occurs for a short duration during intense meditation practices or more permanently through a total harmonization of one's life at all levels.

At the ajna chakra, ida and pingalajoin and also end. This implies that after this point, the barriers and differences between the inner and the outer realms of existence are broken down. They combine to become one harmonious whole. This is symbolized by the sahasrara and is nirvana.

The integration of ida and pingala is profoundly important. It is impossible to make progress on the spiritual path beyond a certain point unless one slowly erases the power of the ego. This is done by harmonizing inner life with outer life. This will not happen overnight. It must be progressive and spontaneous. The distinctive characteristic feature of a great yogi or a saint is a lack of ego. They have not achieved their illumination while maintaining a strong sense of individual ego. One cannot exist with the other in the same way that total darkness cannot exist at the same time as total daylight. But don't worry if you are very egotistical. Accept the situation. You are not alone. But if you have aspirations to tread the spiritual path then question all your ego motives. You need not stop acting egotistically, merely know that your actions aie self-centred. This in itself will slowly help to reduce ego-centred actions and thoughts. It will not remove the ego, but it will help to reduce it. The ego must exist at all stages of spiritual life until the culmination has been attained.

The best way to progressively reduce the power of the ego is to combine the ida and pingala paths; integrate your duties and work in the world with meditational practices. This will help you to gain understanding of the inner world. The knowledge that you gain of the inner world will automatically reduce your egotistical tendencies in the outside world, and your new relationships with the external world will in turn help you to go deeper into the realms of the inner being. The ego will be slowly whittled away.

In spiritual life it is essential to balance inner awareness with external expression. Ida must be in balance with pingala.

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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