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This is the path of enquiry. It is not, as so many people say, the path of the intellect. It attempts to to transcend the limitations of the intellect or logical faculties of each individual, so how can it possibly be the path of the intellect? Higher awareness can never arise through rational thinking. Jnana yoga is the path towards illuminative knowledge, and this is alogical - neither logical nor illogical. It transcends them both.

In this path one enquires about the essence of existence and one's true nature. Effort, concentration and total absorption in the enquiry are prerequisites for success in this path. Without these attributes, illumination will not take place. By illumination we do not mean stereotyped answers, but intuitive answers which cannot be spoken about. If one can talk about an illumination it usually has not occurred. This is the reason why so many great yogis have refused to talk about their highest experiences. They know it is impossible.

The path ofjnana yoga is open for everyone, but at the same time few people are really ready for it. They have too many mental tensions and problems and are unable to relax. They dissipate their mental energies in a large number of different pursuits, and therefore lack the intensity of purpose to pursue their enquiries until they gain the answers in the form of revelations. As such, most people should follow alternate forms of yoga to clean out their minds and develop their power of concentration. When they progress in yoga they can turn to the path of jnana yoga. The subject ofjnana yoga will be further outlined in Book IIP.

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