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Because kriya yoga has always been a secret technique, it has always been practised under the close guidance of an expert. In this book mere is no personal guide. All the guidance is given in these pages, therefore it is essential that you carefully follow the rules and preparations as closely as possible.


Try to eat vegetarian food that is fresh, clean and easily digestible, also tiy to eat in moderation. Kriya yoga is a system of purifying the whole mind-body. If there is excessive impurity in your body then there will be a drastic purging process. Too much food will make it difficult to do the practices properly, especially breathing practices, and kriyas which involve uddiyana bandha etc. You must use your own discrimination in choosing the food you eat. Remember: all full-time kriya yoga courses in this ashram are accompanied by compulsory food restrictions, so try to adopt sensible eating habits.

Dhyana is a sattwic state; it cannot take place in a tamasic state of mind and body. It is therefore essential to adjust one's dietary habits so that the food is pure, easily digestible and less. When the body is more gross it can easily tolerate mistreatment without immediate adverse reaction, but as sensitivity increases, as it certainly will through regular kriya yoga practice, so mistreatment in gross ways will quickly bring adverse repercussions. The ancient yogis classified the different levels of man into five types: earth, water, fire, air and ether. These five elements represent the progressive levels of sensitivity. Those at the earth level can eat enormous amounts of heavy food without consequence, but if the same food is taken by a person at the air or ether level, then digestive problems or illness can easily result. Take an analogy: if you put dirty oil into a new car engine it will quickly lose efficiency. Clean oil must be used. Dirty oil used in an old battered car will also take its toll, but the negative results will be much less obvious. It is the same with food and the body. One must use clean food of a suitable quality and in reasonable amounts. So if your food habits need to be changed then you must begin to gradually modify them, if you want to practise kriya yoga. This applies more and more as you progressively practise a greater number of kriyas.

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