There was a man who was blind from birth. Someone told him about the beauty of the sun. He was very interested but very sceptical. He said: "What is this light that you talk about? I have no conception or idea about it. Can I hear the light with my ears?" His companion said: "No, of course not. The light does not make any sound." Then the blind man asked, "Then let me taste it." "Oh no," said his friend, "you can't taste light." "All right," said the blind man, "then let me feel the light." "That also is impossible," said his companion. "And I suppose I can't smell it also," said the blind man a little cynically. "Correct," said his friend. "Then how can I believe in such a thing as light? For me it is a myth, a castle in the sky." His friend thought for some time and then had an idea. "Let us go and see Lord Buddha. I hear that he is giving satsang nearby. He surely will be able to make you experience and know the meaning of light."

So they visited Buddha. They asked how the blind man could be made to understand the meaning of light. Buddha was very sharp in his answer. He said: "Not even one hundred Buddhas can explain the meaning of light to this man. The experience of light is a personal experience." But the Buddha understood that the eye defect was superficial and that it could be cured by a simple operation. He therefore arranged that the blind man visit a person who could correct his eyesight. After some time the man was able to see. He saw light for the first time. Through his own experience he was able to understand the meaning of light.

He exclaimed: "Now I believe that light exists. I can see the sun, the moon, the trees and so many other things. But it is only possible through my own experience. All the descriptions that people gave me could never convince me, nor could their descriptions convey the meaning of light. It is only through showing me the method of regaining my sight that I am able to understand from personal experience." The man was overwhelmed with joy. His whole life was changed.

This man's dilemma is similar to the dilemma that most people have with spiritual life. Many people hear God is this, and God is that. Thousands and thousands of accounts are given of spiritual experiences. But these descriptions are actually useless, like the description of light to the blind man was also useless. The only thing that is useful is the explanation of how you can gain spiritual experience for yourself. It was only when the blind man took steps to remove his eye defect that he was eventually able to see. It is the same with spiritual life. The multitude of descriptions of spiritual experiences, God, etc. are useless. The most positive step that you can take is to begin your sadhana, to find out the experiences for yourself. You too will find the LIGHT - the spiritual light from your own experience, in the same way that the blind man eventually discovered the light for himself when his eyesight was restored. And when you have your own experience then explanations are not necessary. They become totally superfluous.

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