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Before beginning kriya yoga you should have developed a reasonable degree of sensitivity to those parts of the body utilized in kriya yoga techniques. In particular, you should be able to mentally and physically feel and locate the chakra and kshetram trigger points associated with mooladhara, swadhisthana, etc. During the last six lessons we have described specific techniques for developing sensitivity to these centres2. You should be able to locate these centres at will, without excessive effort. Before attempting to practise kriya yoga, you should be familiar with the meditative technique of ajapa japa3. We do not advise you to begin kriya yoga until you have practised all these techniques for a reasonable period of time, preferably six months should have been given over to these preparatory practices.

Without mastery of tbese basic techniques, you will find many of the kriya yoga techniques very difficult. You will be unable to do them properly. Those people who have been following the course closely, with regular practice, as prescribed over the previous two books, will be adequately prepared to start kriya yoga sadhana. Without adequate preparation, you may possibly harm yourself.


The following rules and recommendations apply directly to the actual practice of kriya yoga.

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