Meditation Antar Mouna Stage

The aim of antar mouna is to help each and every person to become his own psychiatrist. That is, it helps a person to release and resolve the problems in his mind. Even the best psychiatrist, yoga teacher, swami or whoever cannot remove your problems for you. They can only stimulate you and encourage you to remove them yourself, by helping you to face tears and conflicts etc. You have to confront and relive these subconscious experiences for yourself. Antar mouna is a psychiatric tool that helps you to do this without the direct guidance of another person.

We have already described stage 1 and 2, where one first of all becomes accustomed to outer disturbances and then, secondly, faces the spontaneous inner flow of thoughts1.


This stage is exactly opposite to stage 2. You should not allow spontaneous thoughts to occur. If they arise they should be immediately eliminated. Instead you should choose a thought at will, reflect on it for some time and then throw it out. Then you should choose another thought, exhaust it, forget it and then choose another thought. This process should be continued for as long as you have time available.

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