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Now we have a problem. You have experienced calmness and have rested your body by performing the prescribed relaxation technique. Yet ten minutes later you meet someone whom you intensely dislike. Your tranquillity and well-being immediately disappear. Adrenaline is released. You become your abnormal normal' self-depressed, angry, aggressive and uptight self. Your mind has been programmed to respond in that manner. You had no choice but to be angry when you happened to meet that person.

Your brain is a computer and it has been conditioned since birth. You responded in the way that you did because of your mental programming. You are at the mercy of the way that your mind has been conditioned to act. The root cause of your chronic tension lies in your emotional reactions to people and situations around you. And your reaction is determined by your conditioning. Is there no way out of this dilemma - anger, fear, etc? The answer is to change the program in your brain so that you don't respond in a negative way when you meet a particular situation. However this cannot be achieved overnight. But with patience it can be done. It is this subject that we intend to discuss in the next lesson1.

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