More advanced variation

If you find ardha matsyendrasana easy then you can try the following more difficult form: Adjust your body in the way explained in the first part of stage 1.

Instead of grasping your right ankle with your left hand, you should push your left hand and arm underneath the bent right leg, that is, the space between the calf and thigh of the right leg.

A little bit of adjustment may be necessary, but it is possible to reach backwards behind the back with the left hand.

Don't strain.

Fold your right arm behind the back in the way described in the basic technique.

try to grasp the right and left hands behind the back.

We repeat, don't force, for this needs a reasonable degree of flexibility. If your back is sufficiently supple you may even find that you can grasp the wrist of one hand with the other hand.

Note: This variation gives greater leverage and therefore an accentuated twist of the back. For this reason the influence of the asana is enhanced. A further advantage ofthis variation is that it is more stable; therefore it is possible to remain in the final pose for longer periods of time compared to the basic form of ardha matsyendrasana.

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