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Just for a minute or so, close your eyes. What do you see? You should see a space in front of your closed eyes. It is something you have seen many times before, but have probably never paid much attention to it. The space may be black, it may be dark orange or it may be any other colour. But there should be a space, ether or a firmament in front of your closed eyes. It may seem rather insignificant. This is the mind screen. It is on this screen that you will, with sufficient practice and relaxation, see the most incredible psychic events - events that you never dreamed were taking place within, you. Watch and see for yourself by doing meditational practices. At first you will see nothing for you will be too tense. You may not see anything for many months, but there will come a time when you will be suddenly confronted with the most incredible psychic film show you have ever seen.

This mind screen can also be likened to a cave the cave or entrance to the depths of your mind. Consider a real cave in the side of a mountain. Ifyou stand outside and look into the cave you will see nothing. You must have experienced this for yourself. All you can see is an impenetrable wall of blackness, so black that you cannot see anything in the cave. Then as you start to walk in the cave and your eyes slowly become accustomed to the murky darkness, you begin to see things. These things were there previously, but you were unable to perceive them. Now you begin to see them. You begin to see more and more things. The cave that before seemed to be only blackness, is seen to be full of so many objects: rocks, stalactites and stalagmites, litter of all types and perhaps even a hermit meditating in the far corner! As you become more familiar and accustomed to the darkness and nature of the cave, so you see things that you did not previously expect. It is the same with the mind-cave. At first when you look into the cave of the mind you will see nothing. You will most probably be tempted to think that there is nothing there to be seen. But as you look deeper into the depths of the mind-cave you will begin to see things that previously were inconceivable. Things were already there -they did not magically appear; but they were there without your knowledge, without your awareness. You start to develop awareness of your inner being. This is chidakasha dharana. So we urge you to explore the cave of your mind and find out what is contained within. It will be the most profitable expedition that you have ever made and will ever make.

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