Mudras Meditational Hand Positions

The position of the hands while practising a meditational technique is important. At first it may seem to be an insignificant aspect of meditative practice, yet it has been found by the rishis and yogis throughout the ages and by people today that the wrong position of the hands can severely curtail successful meditative practice. This is particularly the case with beginners, but as one starts to master the mind and body, the position of the hands will have little influence.

However, in this book we are concerned with aspirants who have yet to know the experience of meditation, therefore we emphasize the necessity of placing the hands in a suitable position.

There are large numbers of hand positions called hasta mudras. We don't intend to describe them all for this is unnecessary; we will merely concern ourselves with a few which have been found to be applicable and helpful for medita-tional practices.


The Sanskrit word jnana means 'intuitive knowledge' and the word mudra, for the purpose of this discussion, means 'attitude'; thus this hand position is known as the 'attitude of intuitive knowledge'.

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