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Shambhavi mudra (eyebrow centre gazing), the technique we will shortly describe, is very similar to agochari mudra (nose tip gazing)'. The main difference is that the eyes are focused on the eyebrow centre instead of the nose tip. It gives fundamentally the same benefits and the two mudras are equally as good as each other. They are both an integral part of kriya yoga and should therefore be mastered to a reasonable level of proficiency before starting to learn and practise kriya yoga.

Though this technique is called a mudra, it is also a meditative practice in its own right. As such the practitioner can perform shambhavi mudra (or agochari mudra) for a prolonged period of time to gain the same benefits and experiences as other meditational techniques.


Shambhavi is the name of the wife or consort of Shambhu (Shiva). She has many other names, such as Parvati, Shakti, etc., all ofwhich have special significance in Indian mythology. It is believed tbat Shambhu taught Shambhavi the practice of shambhavi mudra and urged her to practise it diligently if she wanted higher awareness. It is said that the practice of shambhavi mudra will stir Shambhu (supercon-sciousness) and make him appear before you.

The practice is also known as bhrumadhya drishti. The word bhrumadhya means 'eyebrow centre', and drishti means 'gazing'. This name describes the practice exactly - eyebrow centre gazing.

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