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Non-expectation leads on directly from the previous heading where we tried to convey the idea of purpose without purpose. You should try to practise kriya yoga without the feeling of expectation. Again this is not easy, but you should try. There should be regularity of practice with minimum expectation of results or experiences. If you are devotionally inclined, then you can do the kriyas as a form of worship; if you are not devotionally inclined, then you can do the kriyas for their own sake. In the Uddhava Gita of the SrimadBhagavatam it says: "Worship done without expectation of reward is sattwic; that done with expectation is rajasic; and that done with the intention of harming others is tamasic." (ch. 25) Try to do your kriya yoga practices with the sattwic attitude of non-expectation. The sadhana can be done as a form of worship or not, it does not matter, but try not to expect.

Dhyana is not created ... it happens. It occurs spontaneously when the mind is free of grasping and egotistical motivation. Expectation creates tension in the mind, which prevents dhyana.

Try not to intellectualize the practices. This will hamper the transforming power of kriya yoga acting on you. Just practise and the answers will come in their own time, and do not worry too much whether you are making progress or not, just do all the practices regularly. The less you expect, the quicker you will reach. Just iet things happen in the way that they will. The moment you stop waiting and feel perfectly relaxed and receptive is the moment that dhyana will arise spontaneously. When you are empty, you will be filled to the brim.

You can tread the path of belief or non-belief; it does not matter, but there should be no expectation of spiritual experience, for expectation means ego and the ego does not allow dhyana to arise. Where there is ego there can never be meditation, just as there can never be night where there is day. They mutually prevent each other. So do your kriya yoga sadhana with regularity and intensity but without any expectation. Expect nothing and you will gain everything, and more3.


1 For further details on sushumna refer to Book II, Lesson 22, Topic I

2 Book II, Lesson 14, Topic 3

3 Book III, Lesson 26, Topic 2

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