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Beginners may find this practice a little difficult because of lack of voluntary control over the abdominal muscles. Furthermore, you will quickly become tired because you are using your abdominal muscles far more than usual. Therefore, you must slowly and gradually develop and accustom the muscles over a period of time. At first contract and expand the abdomen no more than twenty five times before taking a short rest. Three rounds is sufficient. Practise this for a week or so.

When your muscles become stronger then you can gradually increase the duration of each round as well as the number of rounds. We leave the details of this to the discretion of the practitioner, for the choice will depend on individual capability.

Of course, the duration of each round in technique 3 will depend on how long you can hold your breath. We emphasize again that you should not strain. You will find that the duration of breath retention will automatically increase with practice.

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