Opening up the dormant pathways of the brain

As one treads the path of yoga, or any other mind expanding system, the body and mind become progressively purified. This also includes the brain. Furthermore, dormant nervous pathways are opened up to take greater flows of nervous impulses; this occurs in conjunction with the modification of the pranic pathways within the human framework. Sirshasana helps to open up these brain channels and to facilitate the expanding of brain capacity. The capacity of the brain is heightened in order to receive and cope with more intense flows of energy and awareness. The brain becomes a more efficient instrument.

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Easing Your Stress With Yoga

Easing Your Stress With Yoga

Have You Ever Wanted To Achieve A State Of Total Relaxation But Never Believed That Yoga Was For You? Has the stress of daily life made you tense, uptight and too wound up to be able to think clearly? If so, then you are not alone. 40 of Americans feel that their lives are too stressful and over 60 of Americans say that they find themselves in situations where they feel lost at least once a week.

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