Outline of the course

The following skeleton list gives an idea of the practices which will be covered. Obviously it cannot include everything contained in the book, as this would take up too much space.

Body cleansing: various systems for purifying the body; these will include practices such as neti, basti, kunjal, dhauti and shankhaprak-shalana, plus such techniques as amaroli, diet and other natural healing methods.

Asanas-, large numbers of asanas are included from pawanmuktasana, pre-meditational, meditational, forward bending, backward bending, spinal twist, relaxation, balancing, inverted, dynamic and advanced groups. Full information will be given on the limitations, benefits, counterposes and background of each practice.

Pranayama: all the important forms will be fully described, including nadi shodhana, bhas-trika, kapalbhati, ujjayi, etc., as well as other aspects of prana control.

Mudras and bandhas: there are a hundred mudras. We will concern ourselves only with those most useful and which relate to kriya yoga. Among others shambhavi, khechari, vajroli, yoga, maha, naumukhi and hand mudras will be covered as well as the different aspects of all the bandhas.

Meditational practices: we intend to work through the most practical meditational practices and systematically introduce them so that you can simultaneously practise them for yourself. The practices will include ajapa japa, nada yoga, antar mouna, simple and complex mantrajapa, trataka, yoga nidra, kriya yoga and more.

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