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Be prepared to notice vast ups and downs in your emotions; sometimes you may feel jubilant, other times depressed. This will occur in your daily life and is a necessary process in the purging of mental problems. Kriya yoga will induce it. Try not to wony, just flow with these moods, accept them and be aware. Only if the emotions are excessively explosive and negative (because of deep-rooted problems) should you reduce or even stop your kriya practices for some time. If necessary consult an experienced teacher and guide.

This purging process is the first stage to self-knowledge. If you do not pass through these experiences, often nasty and unpleasant, then it is impossible to explore the deeper realms of your mind. But the process should be reasonably slow otherwise you may experience overwhelming upsets and emotional storms. The accumulated mental neuroses have to be slowly exhausted from the mind over a period of time. This is why we have preceded kriya yoga by a lengthy description of other forms of yoga, and urged you to practise every day This preparation is absolutely necessaifyour health deteriorates, then you can either for it gently removes gross problems from thecept and flow with the situation or seek mind. Kriya yoga is rather strong medicine; if guidance. Many people who practise kriya yoga it is done by someone with excessive problem sthe ashram become physically weak, or have then it can induce very unpleasant disturbantiesrrhoea. In the ashram we know it to be part in one's life. Therefore, we urge people whof the mental cleaning process and expect it to have not done at least two years of other yoga happen to some people. We can therefore practices, not to start kriya yoga at this stage, explain to the people concerned that there is First ofall prepare yourselfby regular practnc ereal cause for alarm. However, when you of other, gentler forms of yoga. practise by yourself, you must decide whether

During actual kriya yoga practice, or during to accept changes of health, or to take steps to dreams, you may also confront fearsome aspects of the mind. You may see frightening monsters, giant spiders and so many other things. There is almost no limit to the types of apparitions that can erupt from the mind. These are the expressions of the hidden negative aspects of the subconscious mind. Problems that were previously unknown will erupt into conscious perception. This too is a necessary part of the cleaning process of the mind. But you should proceed slowly with your practices: if the confrontation with these gruesome mental explosions is too intense, then you should reduce or stop your practice for some time. As these subconscious forces arise you should not resist them. Always remember that there is an end to these disturbing influences of the mind. "Therefore, tiy to continue your practices; don't give up. Let them come and be aware. Let them bubble up without suppres-ion. This is important. Remember: the more you experience and exhaust these negative aspects of the mind the better, for the mind will become progres-ively calmer and harmonious. Your life will become more harmonious. Also your yoga practices, whether kriya yoga or otherwise, will become more and more effective. In fact, your whole life will transform itself into a state of meditation.

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