Points to remember in the technique

• Don't move the head or arms after stage 1. If you do so you may lose balance. If you feel discomfort then you should return to the starting position, make any adjustments and then again perform the asana.

• If you lose balance make sure that you land on the ground in the way previously described1.

• Keep the whole body vertical in the final pose; don't incline it backwards, forwards or sideways.

• Try to relax as many muscles as possible in the final position.

• Don't point the toes upwards in the final pose for this contracts the leg muscles and will impede free drainage of blood from the legs. Relax the feet and legs.

• Try to ensure that most of the weight of the body is supported on the head in the final position and not the arms. The arms should be used mainly to maintain equilibrium. At first you may be inclined to use the arms to provide much of the support for the body; there is nothing wrong with this, but over a period of time try to gradually let the head take the main supportive role.

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