The best position to practise in is a squatting position. This again is ideally done in the Indian squat toilet. Incidentally, it is worthwhile pointing out that the squatting position is the best for elimination of stool. This is widely accepted in modern medical circles and can be tested by personal experience. The seat toilet may be very comfortable, but this position does not encourage the best possible evacuation. If everyone adopted squat toilets, there would be far fewer cases of constipation. The squat allows the anus to open and function more freely. Furthermore, the squat position applies a firm pressure on the abdomen; this tends to help push the stool towards the anus for expulsion.

If you use seat toilets, then you can at least adopt the squatting position for moola shod-hana. We see no reason why you should not try to squat by standing on top of the seat, though it may look a little strange. Make sure you don't harm yourself.


Assume a squatting position.

Insert one finger (either middle or index) into the anus.

If necessary, you can use ghee or some other type of oil as a lubricant; or you can use soap or water.

Push your finger inside to a depth of about 2 cms as first.

Then gently rotate your finger in both directions.

By doing this you will slowly be able to push your finger further into the rectum. Don't force. The sphincter muscles will relax. Continue to rotate your finger, inserting it as deeply as possible; this will stimulate the nerves and functions of the rectum. Then remove your finger and wash it. Reinsert your finger and again rotate it for some time.

Again remove and wash.

Repeat a number of times.

Make sure you apply a firm but gentle pressure on the walls of the anus and rectum.

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    How to squat and insert finger in to the anus?
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