During expulsion of water it is best to stand and bend forwards keeping the trunk and head horizontal. This facilitates the free flow of water from the stomach.


Quickly drink one glass of water.

Then take another glass and drink it as rapidly as possible.

Continue drinking glasses of water until you think you cannot possibly take another drop. Then take just one more glass. This may be a little difficult but it is essential to fill the stomach as fully as possible.

Under these circumstances the urge to throw out the water from the stomach hardly needs to be stimulated, it may even occur spontaneously.

6 medium sized glasses of water are about the average number required to fill the stomach. Then from a standing position lean forwards over a wash basin, bowl or convenient place in the garden.

Make sure the trunk is as horizontal as possible. Then open your mouth as wide as possible and place 2 or 3 fingers (the middle 3) on top of the tongue.

Slowly and gently slide the fingers along the surface of the tongue towards the back of the throat, while simultaneously pressing the root of the tongue.

This should induce the water to suddenly and effortlessly gush out from the stomach. If there is no expulsion of water then it means that the tips of the fingers are not sufficiently far enough down the throat or that you are not pressing the tongue.

Though your first reaction is to tense the body and resist the urge to expel the water you should try to relax and allow for a free flow of water from the stomach; this is difficult at first but becomes easy with practice.

During expulsion of water the fingers should be removed from the mouth. When the flow of water ceases, again place the fingers in the mouth and repeat the process.

Continue in this way until there is no more water in the stomach.

This is indicated when tickling the back of the throat does not bring up any more water. Now you have completed the practice. If necessary do jala neti to clean out the nose.


This method does not rely on tickling the back of the throat and tongue. It relies instead on squeezing the water-filled stomach by contracting the abdomen. It is a little more difficult than the previous method and requires some practice. We will not describe it in detail for it does not give any worthwhile advantages over the simpler method.

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