Remember a walk which you took recently beside the river. You are alone.

Keeping your eyes closed, try to mentally create the scenery that you saw.

Visualize in front of your closed eyes the river and the footpath, the trees and the grass, the fish and the birds.

As you walk try to see all these objects pass your vision.

Create the picture as vividly as you can and as close as possible to the scenery that you actually encountered.

View the scene as a whole but also try to discern the individual objects: the branches of the trees, the expressions on the faces of the people you met coming in the opposite direction.

Recall, visualize and relive every detail. Practice 2

Imagine that you are driving your car or riding your cycle to a friend's house. Visualize the route and the cars that you overtake or meet. See the pedestrians, the colour of the sky and feel the sunshine warming your body. Visualize as closely as possible every detail as you actually saw it.

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