Pranayama Cooling Practices

There are a few simple yogic practices that cool down the body. Three important ones are:

1 Sheetkari pranayama

2 Sheetali pranayama

3 kaki mudra

These techniques will be discussed in the following pages.

Strange changes are occurring in the climates of the world: temperate countries are undergoing scorching summers, droughts, etc., while tropical and dry countries are having harsh winters and wet summers. The cause is variously attributed to atomic bomb blasts, sunspot activity, change in the tilt of the earth, the arrival of the Satya Yuga (the Age of Truth), the end of the world and so forth. The only thing that most people are really certain of is their own discomfort at these climatic changes. Those people who are now experiencing cold weather can do bhastrika pranayama etc. to heat up the body. Those who are experiencing excessive heat, however, are strictly prohibited from prolonged practice of most forms of pranayama. The only types they are advised to do are the three described in this topic, since they directly help to cool down the body. many people may find these practices useful, perhaps those who live in tropical, arid climates.


The Sanskrit word sheetali means 'cooling' or relaxing". This type of pranayama is so called because it cools down the body and relaxes the mind. In English it is usually called 'the cooling pranavama' or 'cooling breath'.

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