Pranayama Practice

Continue to regularly practise nadi shodhana pranayama in the manner previously describ-ed1. We consider nadi shodhana a most important yogic technique. It is for this reason that we are devoting so much time to it. We could easily have described all the stages in one lesson, but this would not have encouraged you to practise it for yourself. It is when we slowly progress stage by stage as part of a sadhana, that there is more likelihood of actual practice on the part of the reader. And it is only by practice that you will gain benefits, instead of knowing the techniques merely as an acquired piece of knowledge. Furthermore, nadi shodhana cannot be perfected in a matter of days - many weeks and months are necessary. So if you have been practising regularly, we urge you to continue for the benefits will be great if you persevere. If you have not started or if your practice has been intermittent, then you should try to find time to practise regularly, even if it is only a few minutes every day. A little is better than nothing.

If you have mastered the ratio previously given, namely 1:4:2:1:4:2, then proceed to the following ratio 1:6:4:1:6:4 for inhalation: retention: exhalation: inhalation: retention: exhalation.

Under no circumstances should you strain. If you cannot manage to comfortably carry out the ratios we have given, then remain at the stage that is suitable for your personal capabilities.

Health And Fitness 101

Health And Fitness 101

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