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Now it is time to integrate uddiyana bandha with nadi shodhana pranayama1. But we don't want you to strain. You should only combine them if you can do the previous pranayama practice easily and without effort2. There should be no intense exertion. In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika it says: "If inhalation, exhalation and breath retention are done slowly and rhythmically, then you will achieve success." (2:18) Take note of this advice and follow it.

shodhana pranayama and uddiyana bandha separately. That is, practise uddiyana bandha as described in this lesson1, and nadi shodhana pranayama as previously described2. Or as an alternative you can reduce the duration of inhalation, exhalation and retention. We emphasize again: take care not to strain. If you feel any suffocation then stop the practice.


Uddiyana bandha, like all the bandhas, is associated with control of prana. It acts directly on the navel area (manipura chakra) which is the centre or storehouse of prana. It is therefore a very important technique. Stimulation of the navel area can lead to redistribution of prana throughout the entire body, and can lead directly to tranquillity and clarity of mind. It renders the mind in a fit state for meditative techniques and the spontaneous occurrence of meditation. Combined with pranayama, it becomes an especially powerful practice.

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