Preliminary procedure for beginners

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Keep your eyes open.

Raise your right hand in front of your face. Hold the palm so that it is flat and so that it faces downwards, with all the fingers together. Place the side of the thumb so that it is in contact with the top of the upper lip. The elbow should point to the side of the body.

Focus your eyes on the tip of the little finger, which will be the furthest point of your hand from the eyes.

Gaze at the tip of the little finger intently for a minute or so, if possible without blinking or flickering the eyes.

If other thoughts arise let them but try to keep simultaneous and continuous awareness of the fingertip.

Then after a minute or so, remove your hand but continue to gaze at the space where the little finger was situated.

Bhoochari Mudra


Beginners should practise the previous procedure. When they become more proficient they can leave it and start bhoochari mudra without any preliminaries. Gaze intently at the nothingness in front of the face (where the little finger was positioned in the procedure for beginners). Become fully engrossed in the nothingness -the empty space.

Be aware of other thoughts if they arise, but anchor your awareness to the nothingness at the same time.

Even if other things are occurring in front of the eyes, they should only be blurred. In fact, if you are totally aware of the nothingness then you should not even notice them; even if your eyes see outer events there should be no registration of the fact in the field of conscious perception.

All you can see and are aware of is the nothingness; this is the aim.

From this will come calmness, introspection and concentration of mind.

Continue the practice for as long as you have time or circumstances will permit (perhaps during a bus ride, but don't miss your destination).

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