Preparation for padmasana

If you can do ardha padmasana then you are well on the way to mastering padmasana. Use this asana to prepare the legs for padmasana. In this respect alternately fold one leg on top of the other, if necessary, while doing prana-yama or meditational practices. That is, first fold the legs so that the right leg is on top. When this position becomes uncomfortable or the next time you sit for practice, place the left leg on top. In this way you will loosen up both legs. If one of your legs is more flexible than the other, then you should spend more time sitting in ardha padmasana with the least flexible leg on top. This will increase the flexibility of the leg.


This is a simple asana which is rarely used for meditative practices. Yet we feel that for many people it will be more comfortable than sukhasana, since there is a larger area of contact with the ground.

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