Prolonging the duration of meditative asanas

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This is an excellent technique for progressively lengthening the time that one can remain in a meditative asana. First choose one of the meditative asanas already discussed1. Then over a period of weeks and months progressively increase the time that you remain in the asana without movement. At first you should be realistic; in other words, only sit in the asana for as long as you can comfortably do so. Then each day gradually increase the duration. While sitting in the asana, practise kaya sthaiiyam. Make a resolve that you will remain in the asana for a prescribed length of time. Throughout try not to make the slightest movement even though you may feel discomfort. In this way, you will eventually gain mastery over the meditative asana. At the same time you are preparing yourself for meditation-al techniques, either immediately afterwards or some time in the future.

Use as a preparatory technique Kaya sthairyam, as we have already indicated, is an excellent meditative technique in its own right. However, its main use is to steady and relax the body, in preparation for other techniques. Furthermore, one of the biggest obstacles for most people in attaining successful meditation is the inability to forget the body. We are almost obsessed by the existence and sensations of the body. This prevents our awareness being directed elsewhere. Kaya Notes sthairyam is a systematic technique for induc- 1 Topic 2 of this lesson

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