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Mental problems can only be confronted and removed when the mind is relaxed. Relaxation can be induced by:

• Regular practise of relaxation techniques such as shavasana3

• Reorientation of one's attitude using the codes as previously outlined4

• Progressive removal of mental problems (this is a cyclic process, for a mind with fewer problems is able to relax more deeply, and in turn throw out more accumulated deep rooted problems).

As the mind is emptied of its ingrained problems, one automatically becomes more relaxed in all life situations. Conversely, the cultivation and inducement of relaxation by various techniques helps to both clean out the accumulated dross and prevent further problems arising and causing new disturbances. Relaxation techniques are therefore highly recommended for rooting out mental problems. This is not only practised by yoga but also by other systems concerned with the mind. Psychiatry, for example, clearly recognizes the importance of relaxation; this is why good therapists either systematically relax the patient with a special technique, or induce relaxation through the atmosphere of their room and by being relaxed themselves. Relaxation is absolutely necessary if you wish to empty your mind.

The subject of relaxation has been fully discussed already and you are strongly advised to refer back to the relevant lessons3. Both topics should be carefully read for they relate very closely to the removal of mental problems. We described those techniques for inducing short-term relaxation, such as shavasana, which can be performed within a few minutes3. One will almost immediately feel the beneficial effects. These methods are really no more than forms of meditational practices, and therefore can be used for diving into the mind and disposing of its problems'.

We also suggested that you adopt a ten-point code to help bring about a more permanent state of relaxation in life4. Although this code is in some ways superficial and artificial, it is designed to reduce the continual conflict and friction that most people experience with their surroundings and others. With practice and time the significance of the code will penetrate the subconscious mind and help to reorientate your attitudes to life. Most people are always tense and because of this they cannot hope to resolve their problems. This code will induce more relaxation and allow you to treat life as a psychiatrist's couch, where you progressively exhaust your inner conflicts. We would also like to remind you that relaxation is essential in order to explore the mind and confront your problems. Without relaxation this is impossible, and because most people are continually tense they can never, under normal circumstances, come face to face with their deeper conflicts. A reasonable degree of relaxation, even for half an hour, is a necessary prelude to recognizing your problems. So relaxation, brought about by any method is of prime importance.

Finally, we should like to emphasize that deep states of relaxation for long periods of time, whether during eating, sleeping, working or whatever, can only come when the mind is reasonably clear of problems. The more one empties tbe mind the more one is able to relax under all conditions and tribulations. Moreover, the more lasting and deeper the relaxation, the easier it is to clean the mind. They go together like the sun and the moon. Relaxation leads to a less troubled mind, and a less troubled mind leads to greater relaxation. It is a circular relationship. But this relationship must be initiated some time, if you want to experience positive and wonderful changes in your life.

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