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Maha bandha is directly utilized in kriya yoga practices; therefore, mastery is essential. We urge you to practise it regularly, but without straining. This will be a valuable preparation for kriya yoga in Book III.


Uddiyana bandha combined with jalandhara, as previously described, and moola bandha is called maha bandha. The method is as follows: Practise uddiyana bandha combined with jalandhara bandha2.

Then contract the perineum as described in the practice of moola bandha3. This is the final position.

Retain your breath for as long as comfortable. Then release moola bandha, uddiyana and finally jalandhara bandha. This is 1 round.


If you have mastered the previous pranayama technique, then you can now incorporate it with maha bandha4. The method is exactly the same, but instead of doing uddiyana and jalandhara bandha, you now do maha bandha, with external breath retention (bahir kumbhaka).


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Yoga For Beginners

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