Removal of mental problems

We don't intend to become too deeply involved in this subject here, for we have already treated it in depth4. All we want to do is to indicate that chidakasha dharana is a powerful tool for helping to remove mental blocks, fear, etc. As we said previously it is important to first of all recognize one's mental problems before they can be removed. The majority of the mental problems of most people lie embedded in the subconscious realms of the mind, just below the level of conscious perception. That is, immediately behind the veil of blackness that you see when you close your eyes. It is there that the roots or seeds of all mental problems lie. These seeds cause unhappiness and disharmony by erupting, by sprouting, by manifesting into the conscious realms. A large proportion of people remain totally unaware of the cause of their unhappiness or dissatisfaction throughout their entire lives. By regularly doing chidakasha dharana, one can see the source of mental problems and in turn remove them.

You should clearly understand (perhaps it is better to find out for yourself) that the language of the subconscious mind is not words - it is the language of symbols, of psychic symbols. The subconscious mind speaks in symbols, whether it is through dreams or during the practice of meditative techniques such as chidakasha dharana. Subconscious problems are stored, so to say, in the mind in the form of symbols. When one confronts these symbols in a state of relaxed awareness, then they can be removed. The reader should take note that we did not say that the symbols should be confronted in a state of relaxation, for this means sleep to most people, and one's subconscious problems can never be eradicated during sleep. The symbols must be faced in a state of relaxation combined with awareness. You must be fully awake when you confront these psychic manifestations. This is the role of chidakasha dharana.

In a sense, one works out one's subconscious problems in symbolic form. It is more than likely that there will be little or no intellectual understanding of the cleansing process, but the process will nevertheless take place. But you must practise regularly.

It is essential that you merely watch the psychic symbols with as much detachment as possible. This indifference and lack of emotional response to these psychic visions in deeper states of relaxation will tend to carry over into daily life. In this way, things that previously caused fear or conflict or whatever will cease to do so. The scourge of subconscious fears etc. will cease to plague you and make your life unhappy.

There is another reason why it is important to be a witness to occurrences on the mind screen: it is only by watching, by being a witness that you allow subconscious data to freely arise to conscious perception. It is only in this way that the subconscious bubbles of the mind can spontaneously reach the surface. Ifyou expect something you will only hinder the process.

There is another important use of chid-akasha dharana. Previously we discussed the method of desensitization5. This is a method where one purposely and consciously creates a mental image of objects of fear or phobia on the mind screen, while in states of relaxation. In this manner, the more obvious psychological problems can be purged. Chidakasha dharana is ideally suited for this purpose, for one merely tries to create and project tbe object ofneurosis on to the mind screen as part of the practice of chidakasha dharana. A good time to practise this technique would be at the end of stage 6 in the method we have given in this topic.

Remember, the purpose of meditational practices such as chidakasha dharana is not only to remove your gross mental problems, it is also to dive into the depths of the mind. The psychic manifestation of subconscious mental problems arise only from the superficial layers of the mind. The grosser problems exist in seed form just below the surface of the mind ocean. You will confront them in the earlier stages of meditational practices. The eventual aim is to go much deeper into the depths of the mind. Once these levels are contacted and experienced, your life will shake at the very foundations, not catastrophically but with joy.


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