Rest immediately after completing practice

When you have completed shankhaprak-shalana and the two supplementary practices then you should take complete rest for forty-five minutes. Don't sleep; merely sit quietly. If you wish you may lie down, but we emphasize that you take care not to fall asleep. If you do sleep you may get a thumping headache. This short period of time is important for your whole digestive system to take a well-earned rest. Rarely does your digestive system take total rest, for it is almost continually digesting food. Even when it is not digesting food, it does not completely rest, for then it takes the opportunity to clean out the digestive tract of debris, impurities and waste particles of food. This forty-five minutes is a time for the digestive system to revitalize itself.

During this period of rest you might find that you need to excrete more water from the bowels. Don't worry this is normal.

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