Scriptural references

Agnisar kriya is well known and discussed in the ancient yogic texts. The Gherand Samhita says the following: "Contract the navel towards the spinal cord a hundred times. This agnisar kriya gives many benefits, removing diseases of the abdomen and stimulating the digestive fire. It is a technique unknown even to the devas (higher beings). The practice of agnisar kriya will result in a beautiful and healthy body." (1:19,20)

Very few details of the practice are given, for it is intended to be taught by a gum or teacher to his disciple with personal instructions. Of course, one should not assume that the text strictly means that you should contract your navel one hundred times. It means that you should practise as many times as possible without over-exerting yourself. Furthermore, don't take the text too literally when it says that the practice is unknown to higher beings. This merely implies that the practice is a good one but is rarely practised because few people know of it. The text also indicates that the ancient yogis were fully aware of the benefits of the practice.

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