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The shivalingam can be used as an object of concentration. It can be used as a focus of your awareness, to draw you into the deeper realms of your being. It can be used as a vehicle to higher experience.

The shivalingam is a widely venerated symbol in India. It is a tantric symbol, as well as being an integral part of Hinduism. But the veneration of the lingam is not confined to India. It has been revered throughout every part of the world, especially in bygone ages. It is a symbol which is buried in the deeper layers of your psyche. Even though you may not know this, it is nevertheless there, waiting to rise to the surface, to conscious perception, together with all the knowledge that surrounds it. If you bring the symbol up from the depths, then you will simultaneously realize the incredible reality that it represents.

If you have time, concentrate on the lingam, reflect on its meaning. And if your concentration and reflection is sufficiently intense and one-pointed, then you will bring a veritable jewel of knowledge to your awareness, a prize to the surface of the mind. Or we can put it another way: if you submerge yourself into the mind by intense concentration on the lin-gam, then you will start to plummet, to explore the depths of the mind. Whichever way you look at the process, the result is the same.

The word lingam means 'symbol' or 'sign'. In the tantric sect of shaivism (followers of Shiva) the lingam is the most important symbol. It represents consciousness or Shiva. There is a beautiful song about the shivalingam in India, called 'Lingasthakam'.

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