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The biggest problem is sleep, unless of course you practise shavasana specifically to remove insomnia. It is the habit of most of us to sleep whenever we achieve a reasonable degree of relaxation. We seem to associate relaxation with sleep and tension with wakefulness. Yet the aim of shavasana is to gain a high state of relaxation while being fully awake.

If we fall asleep halfway through shavasana we lose much of the benefits, because during sleep the mind again manifests its usual patterns of worry. By remaining awake and directing awareness to the different parts of the body and the breath in the way described, our awareness is coaxed away from its entanglement with obsessive mental anxieties. So try to stay awake, even though it is very easy to just drop off to sleep.

2. Experience of contact of body with the floor

3. Feeling of heaviness and limpness of different parts of the body

4. Feeling of sinking in the space in front of the closed eyes

5. Breath awareness. Ifyou change the details of this technique to suit personal circumstances and preferences, try to maintain this basic order of steps.

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