Stage final position alternative B

This stage can be done after stage 2 as an alternative.

Slowly slide the arms forwards from the end of stage 2 allowing the back of the head and the spine to rest on the floor.

Your face should be directed towards the ceiling.

Place the hands under the head with the palms open and facing upwards, the fingers interlocked.

The back of the head should rest in the open palms.

Without straining try to push your bent elbows towards the ground; with practice you should be able to rest the elbows on the ground.

Relax the whole body.

This is the final pose.

Breathe slowly and deeply.

Then release the position of the arms and hands.

Return to the starting position using the arms in turn to raise the body in the reverse order to that described in stage 2.

Note: it is important that the body is lowered into the final pose and also raised from the final pose to the starting position by using the arms as described in stage 2. Don't throw your body backwards for it is very easy to injure the spine. The movement should be done with control and care.

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