Stage intensification of feeling

Now you should try to create feelings to the best of your ability.

Feel coldness in your whole body.

Feel a shivering sensation in the spine.

Your whole body is being chilled as though you are lying in snow.

Feel that your body is glowing with intense heat.

Your body is enveloped with an atmosphere of heat.

The heat permeates the whole body. Carry on in this manner for a short time . . . Then try to remember any excruciating pain that you have experienced. Re-experience it.

Feel the pain in the whole body or in a specific part.

Feel the pain so much that you seem to start shuddering . . . Carry on . . .

Then remember and re-experience intense pleasure.

Relive it.

Feel the ecstasy of the pleasure . . .

Let all associated thoughts arise unobstructed.

Experience this pleasure for a minute or so.

Easing Your Stress With Yoga

Easing Your Stress With Yoga

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