Stage left nostril respiration

Raise your right hand in front of your face and do nasagra mudra.

The other hand should rest in your lap or on your knee.

Close the right nostril with the thumb. Breathe forcefully and quickly through the left nostril 10 times.

The pumping action should be done by the expansion and contraction of the abdomen;

try not to use your chest. Forceful exhalation is induced by firmly and quickly contracting the abdominal muscles. Forceful inhalation is induced by fully expand ing the abdominal muscles.

The whole process of breathing should be rapid and rhythmical.

You should do it sufficiently fast so that you hear a snuffing sound in the nose as you breathe in and out.

Then, after completing 10 rapid respirations, breathe in deeply through the left nostril; keep the right nostril closed.

Fill the lungs as much as possible by expanding both the chest and the abdomen. Hold your breath. Close both nostrils. Press your chin against the chest. Contract the throat so that it is locked; this is the same as jalandhara bandha, but without the arm lock7. Also contract the perineum, the area of the mooladhara chakra, as in moola bandha8. Hold the breath for as long as you can. Do not strain.

Mentally count the duration of breath retention.

Then raise your head. Release the pressure of the ring finger. Breathe out slowly through the left nostril. Then begin stage 2.

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