Sit in a comfortable position. The two simple meditative asanas, sukhasana and vajrasana are particularly suitable2. If you cannot manage these positions you can sit in a chair with a straight back or you can sit on the floor with legs outstretched and back supported against a wall.

If necessary wrap a blanket around you for warmth and to keep any insects away. Adjust yourself so that there will be no need to move for at least 10 minutes or even longer for those who have the time. Relax your whole body.

Hold the spine upright but without arching backwards and thereby tensing the back muscles.

Place the left hand on the left knee or in the lap.

Raise the right hand and perform nasagra mudra.

Close the eyes.

For a minute or two be aware of the breath and the body.

This will help you to relax and to make the forthcoming practice easier to perform. If you are tense or excited any form of pranayama is more difficult.

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