Stage preparation

Lie down on a blanket facing upwards. Loosen all your clothes so that you feel perfectly comfortable.

If necessary, place a blanket over you to keep warm, or a sheet to keep away insects, as the case may be.

Keep the feet and legs a little apart. Place the arms beside your body, palms facing up. Adjust yourself so that you feel perfectly comfortable.

Tell yourself firmly that you will not move your body throughout the practice. Make a determined vow not to sleep (unless you are specifically practising to induce sleep). Then proceed to the next stage.

Easing Your Stress With Yoga

Easing Your Stress With Yoga

Have You Ever Wanted To Achieve A State Of Total Relaxation But Never Believed That Yoga Was For You? Has the stress of daily life made you tense, uptight and too wound up to be able to think clearly? If so, then you are not alone. 40 of Americans feel that their lives are too stressful and over 60 of Americans say that they find themselves in situations where they feel lost at least once a week.

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