Steadiness of gaze

As we have already mentioned, it is important that one tries not to blink or flicker the eyes while doing outer trataka. This is necessary to produce a clear after-image for inner trataka. Without a steady gaze it is difficult to discern a clear inner image and this is the main reason why beginners often fail to perceive an inner image.

Furthermore, steadiness of the gaze is directly related to steadiness and concentration of mind. There is an intimate connection between these two. Cheat sages with a calm, peaceful mind are often distinctive for their piercing eyes, their eyes don't seem to blink very much. So in trataka, by steadying the eyes you are automatically relaxing and concentrating the mind.

Often people are told not to flicker or blink their eyes under any circumstances, whether they feel discomfort, whether their eyes start to water profusely or whatever. We don't agree with this practice, for it only creates tension making it even harder to comfortably keep the eyes steady. We have already pointed out that while the aim is not to move the eyes, if you must move them through discomfort, then do so. At First, beginners may find that this practice is very difficult and perhaps be able to gaze only for a few seconds before they feel the need to blink the eyes. Don't worry, with practice you will slowly develop the ability to gaze for long periods of time without the slightest movement.

The same applies to inner trataka on the after-image. At first the image will move due to movement of the eyeball while the eyes are closed. With practice you will be able to keep the eyes still and maintain a fixed image. Remember, the knack of mastering trataka lies in relaxing the eyes as much as possible.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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