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Now leave ujjayi pranayama, khechari mudra, together with awareness of the breath and the accompanying sound.

Now you have to investigate the nature of the image.

You must tiy to pierce through the exterior reality of the inner-image. Look intently at the image and try to probe its shape and nature.

Gaze into the candle flame as though you are looking for something. See the wick in the middle of the flame. Try to gaze into the depths of the flame. Feel and see the aura of the flame penetrating your mind.

Perceive as much detail as you are able.

Feel the collected rays of your awareness probing the flame in an attempt to discover its deeper significance.

What is the nature of the flame?

What is the deeper essence behind what you can see?

Continue in this manner for at least 5 or 10 minutes or until the end of the practice.

The longer you practise the better, especially if you have an exceptionally clear inner-image. Then release the image and be aware only of your eyebrow centre.

And when you are ready open your eyes. Creation of an image

The most difficult part of this technique is the creation and visualization of the inner-image and then maintaining it for a prolonged period of time at the eyebrow centre. The following is a method which may be useful as an aid in creating the inner-image.

Close your eyes.

Imagine you are doing outer trataka.

See a mental picture of the whole candle, the flame and even the desk or stool on which it is placed.

If necessary you can even visualize a mental picture ofyourself sitting in front ofthe candle.

When you have a reasonably clear visualization, slowly reduce the field of the picture by gradually moving towards the flame. Continue until you can only see the candle and the flame.

This is a suitable inner-image for antar trataka.

Note: Many people find that this is an easier method of creating the object of awareness in inner trataka. Of course you can use the same procedure for any other object that you care to choose, especially if you have previously practised outer trataka over a period of weeks. Once you can easily visualize the inner-image you must be able to hold it at the eyebrow centre. T his takes some practice but ability slowly develops if you persevere over a few days and weeks.

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