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Asanas in general will tend to balance ida and pingala, especially if they are done in a systematic manner, correctly, and as a part of a regular practice program. This is not really surprising, since most asanas have a symmetrical influence on all parts of the body. Most tend to apply an equal pressure on the armpits. Also, if asanas are done correctly, then one will keep the eyes closed and fixed on the breath, an inner symbol or any other suitable object of attention which includes introversion, the flow of ida. But at the same time there must be a degree of extroversion in order to execute and maintain the physical position of the asana; in this manner, the pingala aspect is also simultaneously included. This tends to develop balance of ida and pingala, without too much extroversion or conversely too much absorption in mental and psychic fantasies. It is for this reason that asanas, when perfected, are indeed meditative techniques. T his is one reason why asanas are so useful in bringing about good health - a factor that is usually overlooked when trying to explain how asanas bring about benefits.

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

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