Shanmukhi Mudra Technique

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Sit in a comfortable pose. Hold the back straight.

Close the eyes and keep them closed throughout the entire practice. Do khechari mudra. Exhale deeply. Bend the head forwards. Fix the awareness at mooladhara chakra. The first round begins here. Mentally pronounce the mantra 'mooladhara - mooladhara - mooladhara'. Then inhale with ujjayi pranayama letting your awareness ascend the frontal (arohan) passage. You should be aware of each centre in turn as follows: swadhisthana, manipura, anahata, vishuddhi.

There should be a smooth flow of awareness (figure 1) - no mental pronunciation. Raise your head as the awareness moves from vishuddhi to bindu (figure 2). Inhalation should cease on reaching bindu. Hold the breath.

Practise shanmukhi mudra, closing the eyes, ears, nose and lips with the fingers and thumbs (figure 3).

Allow your awareness to rotate in a continuous circle through the awarohan (spinal passage) and the arohan (frontal passage). Simultaneously try to visualize a thin green snake moving in the same closed loop. Continue to hold your breath. The snake should move downwards from bindu to mooladhara in the spinal passage and then upwards from mooladhara to bindu in the frontal passage.

The movement of the snake should be integrated with the movement of your awareness. The snake should make a complete loop (figure 3).

Visualize the snake as biting its own tail. Let the snake move in a continuous circle; if it starts to move on a different track, let it - only watch.

It may appear to spin off away from the awarohan - arohan circuit, let it. Only remain aware.

Continue this visualization for as long as you can comfortably hold your breath, but don't strain.

Then release shanmukhi mudra and place the hands on the knees.

Fix your awareness on bindu.

Shanmukhi Mudra

Exhale with ujjayi while being aware of each centre in the awarohan as follows: ajna, vishuddhi, anahata, manipura, swadhisthana, mooladhara.

Only be aware of each centre - no mental repetition (figure 4). Exhalation should be terminated when your awareness reaches mooladhara.

Lower your head forwards. This is the end of the first round.

Immediately start the second round. Mentally repeat the 'mooladhara' mantra 3 times.

Then, with ujjayi inhalation, raise your awareness through the centres of the arohan passage. Do 5 complete rounds.

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