Lie flat on the floor, face downwards. Extend the feet so that the heels and soles face upwards.

Rest the forehead on the ground.

Bend the arms and place the forearms flat on the floor.

Place the palms downwards on each side of the head with the fingertips in line with the crown of the head.

Relax the whole body, especially the back and leg muscles.

Breathe out deeply. Then while inhaling slowly raise the head and shoulders by bringing the upper arms to the vertical position. The elbows should remain on the ground.

Perform the movement by using the arms only:

keep the back muscles relaxed throughout the practice.

Remain in the final pose for a comfortable length of time breathing slowly and deeply. Be aware of the breath and the relaxation of the back muscles.

Then breathe out while lowering the body. Relax the whole body. Then repeat the movement.

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