Sit comfortably. Keep your eyes closed.

Become aware of your physical body . . . nothing else.

Let there be total, uninterrupted perception of your whole body.

Your body is perfectly motionless.

It is steady like a large rock.

Be aware of your whole body . . . and stillness.

Feel the steadiness of the body ... and stillness.

Simultaneously become aware of your natural breath.

Your breath moves inwards . . . and outwards. Watch the constant, rhythmical flow of your breath and feel the steadiness of your whole body.

Gradually your body will become rigid as though ail the muscles have frozen. Every part of your body will become stiff . . . but it is not so much a physical stiffness as a psychic stiffness.

You will be locked in a psychic bandha ... a psychic lock.

Don't forget your simultaneous awareness of the breath.

You will feel stiffer and stiffer, and your awareness will gradually transfer more and more to the breath.

No effort is required . . . the body will become stiffer automatically.

Eventually your body will become so stiff and rigid that it will feel like a stone statue . . . you will find it completely impossible to move the body. At this stage go on immediately to the next kriya.


The word linga has many meanings and vast implications. In the context of this kriya it means 'the astral body'. The word sanchalana means 'conduction' and also 'to rhythmically expand and contract'. Therefore, the name of this kriya in English is 'the expansion and contraction of the astral body'. Using the breathing process as a stepping stone, one eventually feels the expansion and contraction of the astral body. This leads to higher perception.

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