Place a folded blanket or rug on the floor. Lie flat on the blanket facing upwards (supine).

Rest your straight arms on the floor beside your body with palms facing downwards.

Breathe in deeply and retain the breath inside.

Simultaneously raise your legs, arms and shoulders off the ground.

Ensure that the arms and legs remain straight.

Point your arms towards your feet.

Try not to raise the feet or shoulders more than 15 cms from the ground.

Stretch and tense the whole body.

Feel that every muscle is tensed.

Don't strain, but try to hold this raised position for as long as possible, while retaining your breath.

Aim at eventually maintaining the raised position for at least a slow count of 10, though at first a count of 2 or 3 is sufficient. Then allow yourself to slump back to the floor, but without letting your head strike the ground.

Let the body sink into the floor. Slowly count from 1 to 60. This completes 1 round. Perform 3 rounds.

After completing 3 rounds of naukasana remain in the supine pose and relax in shavasana.

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