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Place a blanket on the floor.

Lie flat on the ground, face downwards.

your legs should be straight with the feet together; the soles should point upwards. The arms can be placed either beside the body or under the body; the palms can face downwards, upwards or may be clenched. The choice of the position of the hands and arms is left to the discretion ofthe practitioner


through his own personal experience. Keep the chin in contact with the ground throughout the practice.

The shoulders should be as near as possible to the floor and remain so throughout the practice.

Relax the whole body. Close your eyes. Breathe out deeply.

Then inhale deeply, hold your breath and raise both legs, keeping them together and straight. The elevation of the legs is produced by applying pressure on the arms and contracting the lower back muscles.

Hold the legs in the raised position while retaining your breath.

Try to stretch your chin in front of you as much as possible but maintaining contact with the ground (this will give the best possible stretch to the neck muscles and nerves). Hold the final position for as long as you can without straining.

Then slowly lower the legs and exhale. This is 1 round. Relax the whole body.

Allow the breathing rate to return to normal. Then breathe out deeply, breathe in deeply, and raise the legs again to repeat another round.

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