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Stand in the correct position. Relax the whole body. Breathe out deeply.

Accentuate the exhalation by contracting the abdominal muscles into uddiyana bandha. Hold the breath. Do madhyama nauli1.

Then do vama nauli (contraction on left side). Then uddiyana bandha.

Do dakshina nauli (contraction on the right side).

And finally madhyama nauli again.

This is 1 complete rotation of the abdominal muscles.

The whole movement should be smooth and rhythmical.

Do more rolling movements or rotations.

Do as many rotations as you can with one breath retention. Do not strain.

Stop the churning movement.

Relax the abdominal muscles.

Breathe in. This is the end of 1 round.

Wait for a short time while allowing the heartbeat to return to normal.

Then again breathe out and do uddiyana bandha.

Hold your breath.

Rotate the abdominal muscles in the opposite direction; that is, madhyama, dakshina, uddi-

yanya, vama and finally madhyama again. Do more rapid rotations, while retaining the breath.

Then release the contraction of the muscles and slowly breathe in.

This is the end of the second round.

Do some more rounds if you have the energy, rotating the muscles first anticlockwise and then clockwise.

Do not strain.

At first you will find rotation difficult, but with practice it will become easier; you will gain more and more conscious control over the muscles.

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